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Zion Lutheran Church,

June 2020 Newsletter

June 14, 2020

1924 Saint Charles Avenue,

     Corner of Saint Charles and Saint Andrew Street

Mailing address

1539 Saint Andrew Street

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Telephone (504) 524-1025



I was beginning to feel that the storms were over when we got word of Cristobal coming. Due to the warnings, we canceled services even though we had just only briefly opened. One storm after another, just a different type of storm. We had less flooding for Cristobal than for the storm that came here on the 10th. Saint Andrew Street was flooded over the sidewalk but soon the water receded, and we conducted our Wednesday evening Bible Study on Saint Paul. We read about Stephen’s interaction with Saint Paul. We will begin our study on Saul’s journey to Damascus.






As you can see, some of our members are seeking to spruce up Moerbe Hall for our Bible Class. Depicted in the following picture are Beth Carpenter and Cheryl Pierrotti.



The table for our food before decoration:




And the same table after Beth applied her talents:




We commenced using a supplier for our communion ware utilizing a single pre-packaged cup filled with wine and the wafer. As you can see from the picture. This then should make certain that what each person receives is sanitary and is not “handled” by anyone else. As you can see from this picture, the wafer is in a sealed base of the cup while the wine is sealed in the chalice portion of the cup. Our district supplied us with the name of the supplier.



Birthdays in June 2010

Mr. Ray Uhlich ~ 1

Miss Sheridan Arnold ~ 2

Miss Olivia Arnold ~ 7

Miss Samantha Arnold ~ 7

Mrs. Jennifer Freeman ~ 8

Mr. Ron Nolan ~ 8

Mr. Nicholas B. Ratcliff ~ 22

Miss Quinn Trauth ~ 25

Birthdays in July 2020

Miss Sawyer Mae Jones ~ 5

Mr. Brian McCarthy ~ 6

Mr. Kent Pierrotti ~ 8

Mr. Kevin Boitmann ~ 13

Mrs. Kiley Trauth ~ 19

Miss Haley Adams ~ 27


President McCarthy is continuing his efforts in securing bids to paint the exterior of our Sanctuary.

The initial bids have ranged from $22,000 to $60,000. Clearly this is more than we can afford at the present time.


Fruits of our Faith

Date Attendance Contributions

January 2020

5 24 $1,472.00

12 24 $0,679.00

19 14 $0,607.00

26 16 $0,444.00

Total 78 $3,202.00

February 2020

3 21 $1,137.00

9 16 $1,435.00

16 10 $3,378.00

23 17 $2,524.00

26 23 $0,487.00

Total 87 $8,961.00

March 2020

1 24 $1,291.00

4 8 $0,084.00

8 25 $1,660.00

11 10 $0,286.00

15 15 $1,233.00

April $8,284.00

May 59 $9,593.00




Even though we were shut down for almost three months, our members and those we call “Friends of Zion” continued to financially contribute to our congregation. I do not know if we are allowed to release the name or names, but one “Friend” contributed $4,000.00 to our general fund. All we can say is “Thank You!” What a tribute to our Lord to be able to have true members and friends such as these. Thank GOD we have them (You).




In spite of the fact that the supplier for our foodbank “dried up,” we have had others step forward and continue to provide us with food for distribution to the homeless and people in need, who come to our door. We also had someone contribute gift cards to Subway and Rousse’s. Another wonderful blessing! Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow.




Social Ministry is desiring to renew our support for kids in school. We have been unable to reach any of the public schools in our area most likely due to the shutdown, however, as soon as we can determine the list of supplies the children for that school should have, we will publish that list on our webpage, which is “




Our thanks to our vocalist, Lisa Schultz who has been maintaining our sound equipment and our webpage.




Mrs. Pierrotti has commenced planning the City-Wide Reformation service for October 2020. The Reverend Jerome Terry, Circuit Visitor for Circuit 1 (the ten congregations within the corporate limits of New Orleans) has been asked to lead the service this year and he has notified other congregations to submit ideas and suggestions to him or Pastor Belknap. We are looking forward to another occasion to wake the City of New Orleans up to the Lutheran presence in New Orleans.




Pastor Belknap has prepared plans to install a handicap ramp and is securing prices for the materials. We will then seek assistance from Thrivent and ARI.




Mrs. Pierrotti has commenced the project of preserving our history and displaying it in the Narthex. She has received funding from Thrivent to commence this rather monumental project and is seeking help from anyone willing to help her catalog the numerous items she has gathered. In addition, she needs help as to how to properly display these items. If anyone has a display case they would like to donate, please contact Mrs. Pierrotti.




Our Wednesday evening Bible Study is currently studying the apostles. We commenced with Saint Paul and here are just some of the non-biblical books we are utilizing in our studies.




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